Running in the family/2: 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible


This 1960 Series 62 Convertible, other than being our favourite series ever in the Cadillac family, is said to have been in the same family since new and parked in the late 70’s.


Clearly, the Maryland climate hasn’t helped the car much in preserving its metal but on the other side we see usual rust problems: this car is not a desperate case: that’s about usual business for an almost 60 years old car which hasn’t ever been restored so far.


We see rust on the rockers and, this was not expected, on the edge of the boot lid but the floors look quite solid as well as the metal sheets on the upside of the car. Apart from rust, the car is very complete and also the soft top frame is in good shape: it will be expensive to restore the car but these are now almost blue chips. Find it for sale at $19,999 here in Stockon, NJ.

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