High end stuff: Muscle cars collection


During the last years we’ve seen a few muscle car collections for sale, but this one is actually an “High end” one as the seller says. He’s ready to retire and those are too many cars to work on. Yet we believed that the retirement was the best moment in life to enjo cars like these.

The queen of the collection is for sure the 1969 Yenko Camaro but there are many other interesting pieces like the 1969 Hemi Coronet of which only 39 have been built. The seller says that most are matching numbers cars and he put a price for the whole collection or each car:

1968 Hemi GTX convertible ( one of 36) $175k

1966 hemi charger $70k

1970 challenger RT 440-6 $70k

1961 Sunliner convertible $28k

1969 1/2 Superbee 440/6 coupe $75k

1969 1/2 Superbee 440/6 hardtop coupe $80k

1969 charger 500 $85k

1969 Road runner convertible $40k

1969 Hemi RT coronet ( one of 39 built) $105k

1969 Yenko camaro $250k

1970 Cuda AAR $75k

All cars are for sale here in Kissimmee, FL.

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