COD 420: 1952 Porsche 356 Cabrio



It’s very rare, at this point, to find a 356 Cabrio to restore (yep, 356: the “pre-a” nickname have never been used by Porsche), and finding a very early ’52 car it’s like to win a (little) lottery.


Also because, even though this car (chassis #15005) clearly needs a huge amount of work, it is basically complete and probably never had any important crash in its long life. Other than that, it was probably painted in a beautiful green (which surfaces through the paint layers cracks) even though we can’t understand exactly which shade. That’s great to see the Petri Banjo-style steering wheel still in its place.


The car isn’t equipped with the original engine but a with a 1600S: not a huge flaw but finding a correct year engine will be a long and expensive task. The body, of course, needs to be redone completely but the car is well worth it: this car has been put for sale two days ago, let’s see how long will it last on the market. Find it for sale at $135,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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