Real or not: 1979 Porsche 924 “Carrera GT”


Update, same day:

Turns out that the car is a real Carrera GT but this ad is a scam: the true car is for sale at €79k here in Milano, Italy. Santa’s dead, of course.

There is an issue here: this Porsche 924 is advertised as a “normal” 924 but the look of the car tells us another story.


Indeed the car has the look and the badges of a 924 Carrera GT, a special turbocharged, limited edition (406 cars, including 6 prototypes) 924 which is very valuable now. The seller says that the turbocharger has been serviced along with brakes and seats which have been reupholstered with the original velvet.



Then there is a second issue: the car is advertised as a 1979 924 and this doesn’t match the official data: the 924 Carrera GT has been built in 1981 only and there is no chance that a car could have been built two years earlier. What’s the truth? Maybe there is some mistake of the seller of maybe it is just a 924 with the Carrera GT kit: if not, this could be the big deal of 2017. Find it for sale at €20,499 (today $21,600) here in Milano, Italy.

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