Odd barn find: 1981 BMW M1


The last thing we’d expect to see was a BMW M1 in the typical “barn find” conditions: dust, flat tires and some stuff covering its nose and roof. But this is it.


The former italian owner has driven this car for 7,329 kms and then he left it in a garage; of course something bad has happened as we doubt that a car like this could be abandoned, neither covered, after so few kilometers made: these are cars which have always had a market value also in the past years so we would be curious to see how it is.


Whatever the reason was, the car looks brand new in all those areas not exposed to dust: watching especially the headliner, seats and underneath the dashboard you realize that this is a car which has been barely used so bringing it back to road will require some work but, at least, you’ll have a lot of conversation stuff to share at the next events. The seller doesn’t disclose the asking price which we suppose is not low. Find it for sale here in Munster, Germany.

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