Unrestored and matching numbers: 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL


The seller of this 190 SL has spent few words to describe the car but maybe we understand why: there’s no much to talk about this car.

00d0d_a6n180Msj5N_1200x900And that’s why this 190 SL is nothing more and nothing less of a barn find: it has probably been washed with steam or hi-pressure water but it is clearly a very original specimen: it still has the first (or second, tops) equipment tire in the boot and a very tired interior but the body looks great for an unrestored, 55 years old car.

00z0z_jvUBIunKjnH_1200x900Other than looking original, the car has a beautiful color combo (although the interiors can’t be recovered) and the original hardtop which is not common to find on these cars; floors have still the original rubber stick on them and, last but not leats, the original CA. black plate. It doesn’t come cheap, of course, but nowadays nothing does. Find it for sale at $75,000 here in West Palm Beach, FL.

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