Professional camping: 1970 Volkswagen T2 Kombi


These Volkswagen buses have always been the icon of a simple way of life, out of most of the comforts provided by the capitalist society: who built this bus had clearly a different idea in mind.


Indeed this camper, which before to be what it is now, was a Kombi, has been completely rebuild in order to offer  the best possible comfort to its owners: first thing, the living area has been stretched (the wheel base is clearly not-stock) and its is now taller than stock.


Then, every item inside has been reshuffled in order to provide a rational living space; other than that we can spot a led lighting (also inside the engine bay: this one is a very useful solution) and other modern equipments. The engine is clearly not the original unit but a more powerful one. Now, this camper has lost, of course, the fascination of the original design but on the other side it is much more usable than before and, most of all, you could never build one like this with the same money asked by the seller. Find it for sale at €49,500 (today $55,000) here in Renkum, Netherlands.



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