Bonneville heritage: 1948 Tank Belly Racer


Machines like this one are not much popular in Europe nor among the young classic cars enthusiasts but they’re actually a very important chapter of the american post war automotive history.


Long story short: after the WWII a lot of american boys back from the battlefields wanted basically one thing: to forget the hell they faced during the previous five years and so the one of the ways to do it was using dismantled fuel tanks of the biggest aircraft in order to use them as a light body for their record-breaking cars, most of which were built in their garages or backyards.


The Bonneville salt lake was the temple (still is, actually) for these speed records attempts but unfortunately this particular machine never raced there: actually it never raced at all as it is a (very nice) mockup: it rolls and steers (thanks to the front ’40s Plymouth steering assembly), it has a proper dashboard with some aircraft instruments and cloche so if you’re crazy enough to “complete” this machine you won’t be disappointed. Find it for sale here in Key West, FL, with bidding at $4,000 and no reserve.

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