Early car: 1959 Lancia Appia Convertibile by Vignale

Screen Shot 11-21-15 at 05.13 PM 001

So far we have often seen these cabriolets by Vignale built after the 1960, but actually cars built before that year are quite rare.

Screen Shot 11-21-15 at 05.13 PM

Then, this is not a first series Cabriolet: the first series had only two seats (this is a 2+2 car), a discontinued side profile (with the rear fins more outlined than this one) and, when present, it had an hardtop with a different shape. On the other side the chassis and the mechanical parts were basically the same with the exception of few details: the Appia was built in three series so the cabriolet version had gradually the improvements made on the sedan version.

Screen Shot 11-21-15 at 05.14 PM

This car is said to be an american delivered Vignale: we clearly see that this car is missing some important parts like bumpers and windshield: the last one can be supplied from an italian company, but we suppose that also the bumpers can be sourced on the market. Th egood is that the soft top frame is with the car: on the contratry it would be nearly impossible to find one. Find it for sale at €13,800 (today $14,700) here in Montecatini Terme, Italy.

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