Outboard engine: 1966 Maserati Mistral 4.0 Coupé


The last series of the Mistral is the only to have the biggest inline-six engine ever produced by Maserati: it’s a 4.0 litre unit which, in this case, is not into the car.


The seller doesn’t say much about this car: basically he says that although the body is in nice shape (and actually it seems good, even if the photos are not the best around) and that the engine is not installed as it needs to be overhauled.


What puzzles us is the striking conditions difference between the car itself and its engine: we simply can’t understand that. However, the engine is missing some ancillaries like the alternator, while also the exhaust and the radiator are not with the car, along with the gearbox which seems to be missing. So these gaps are not a big deal, as long as the car is solid and matching numbers (is it?). Find it for sale at €95,000 (today $101,000) here in Cannes, France.


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