Last classy ride: 1951 Lancia Aurelia B10 hearse


This is not the first hearse based on a Lancia seen so far, but for sure this is the oldest one, as it is based on a Lancia Aurelia B10.


Indeed the B10 has been produced from 1950; in 1951 Lancia made two version of the sedan car: one equipped with a 1,774 cc engine and another one with a bigger 1,991 cc. The seller says that this car has 56 h.p. so, probably, this car has the smallest engine of the family.


We don’t know who built this car back then, maybe Coriasco coachworks (which was specialized in building this kinfd of car) but it could have been built even by an unknown shop which Italy was filled of back in the days. It looks a preserved specimen, mostly original although there are no photo of the engine bay. Of course this is an odd piece but for sure something to chat about at any classic car meeting. Find it for sale at €10,000 (today $10,700) here in Mistretta, Italy.


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