Two wheels more: 1960 ACMA Vespa 400


This car wanted to be the anti-Fiat 500, unfortunately it was produced too late so it lost the war with the more famous Italian competitor.


Nonetheless it was sold in good numbers: when it was exhibited for the first time this little and cute car had more than 20,000 reservations which was a successful debut at all, considering the fact that we are talking of the Euro market of the late fifties. It was quite cheap and easy to maintain thanks to its simple design and to its two stroke engine which needed mild attentions.


This particular car comes from the west coast and it’s in good order: it has a very nice paint and matching interiors, although the seller says that there are some bubbles surfacing around the rear wheels; on the other side it has all the original books, new floors and a ragtop, so there’s enough stuff to have fun. Find it for sale here in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, with a starting bid of $8,600.

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