The quest for authenticity: 1969 Abarth 595 SS


Of course when you’re looking for and Abarth 595/695 the first thing which comes to mind is: is it the real thing?


Well, there are many ways to check the originality of an Abarth: the basement casting numbers, the Abarth numbers on the front firewall, some details like the clips which holds the original badges and other little things; but you have however to be very careful as many villains have lerned well how to scam potential buyers.


For the italian cars however, there is still the “libretto” (the original papers) which reports the registration data: if the libretto is original and not a reprint, you could be pretty confident that the car you’re staring to is the real thing. This car is said to have the original papers, the correct ABA205 engine and the proper Abarth numbers on the front. There are few details to correct and the engine is said to be in need of a fine tuning, but an SS is worth a look in person. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $38,000) here in Lissone, Italy.

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