Supercharged advertiser: 1956 Alfa Romeo “Romeo” T10 by Boneschi


It’s not usual at all to spot a Romeo for sale, but it’s absolutely unique to see a first series for sale, especially if bodied like this one.


It’s actually a 1956 Romeo bodied by Boneschi in order to advertise tourist trips to a castle near Bologna: its shape is unique and very funny in some way. It looks to have a roof made with metal and perspex, the contour of the castle on the front and a couple speakers both on the front and the rear.


Not only it has such shape but it’s also pushed by a two, stroke, twin cylinders diesel engine fed by a compressor: how was the last time you’ve heard of such equipment? This van comes also with the original papers and plate, absolutely a must for an Alfa collector. Find it for sale at €42,000 (today $46,000) here in Vergato, Italy.

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