The Glaserati: 1967 Glas 2600 V8


It’s not so hard to understand why this rare car was called “Glaserati”: the designer of this car – Pietro frua who was also a known coachbuilder – was probably a bit lazy so the car looks something in the middle of his previous creation, the Quattroporte (front), and another Maserati by Vignale, the Sebring (side).

ScreenShot004But, apart from its designer and coachbuilder, this car has nothing to do with a Maserati. The engine was a new unit built starting by mating two Glas 1300 cc inline-four blocks. This marriage produced 150 h.p. which were not few for an average car of that period but were not enough for a 1,400 kgs. (3,100 pounds) top class car.


So the car was way far to be a blockbuster: 372 units were made and we don’t know how many survive now; however this particular car is one of those: it has a Denmark sticker on the boot and the overall condition seems very good. The seller says that it needs a restoration and we agree; however the car is basically complete and looks solid and, moreover, it has a beautiful color. Find it for sale at $35,000 here in Miami, FL.

2 thoughts on “The Glaserati: 1967 Glas 2600 V8

  1. Very beautiful car. Design, engine, interior, everything on the top of 60th years…unfortunately it had not the right success…but today it is actual up to date…


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