Not real but a good deal: 1959 Dino 196S tribute car


Of course we all know that cars like a Dino 196S barchetta are unaffordable unless you are some kind of tycoon. Also this car is not cheap but at least there are much more people who could reach it.


This is a replica built, as the seller says, 20 years ago by an italian coachbuilder (we guess that Giordanengo made it) using some correct parts including a V6 Fiat Dino engine – which produces on of the best sound ever, especially with open exhausts – and a quite accurate choice of spare parts like the Borrani wheels.


On of the best thing of this car is the black paint: of course not a mainstream choice but very interesting indeed: the car features a beautiful contrast between interiors and the body. The only thing we don’t like is the steering wheel but, after having spent $200,000, we guess it will not be a big deal to add another grand for a correct Nardi wheel. For sure, if you want to build a car like this from scratch, it would cost to you much more than the asking price. Find it for sale at $195,000 here in Rancho Mirage, CA.

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