Treetop level flight: 1965 Matra Djet V


These were the sportiest cars produced in France during the sixties, along with their direct competitor, the Alpine A110.


And, just like the more known Alpine, they were made to be agile and light: the fiberglass body was indeed made by Matra and mated with a Renault four cylinders engine with a displacement of 1108 c.c. producing, in this version, 70 h.p. Not more at all for a car but this car can be proud of a weight of only 620 kgs (1400 lbs.)


This particular car has been fully restored: the seller says that the engine has been tuned by Michael Camus workshop in Paris (a known Renault tuner, the seller says that €14,000 have been spent on it alone), using some parts like an alloy flywheel, a long stroke crankshaft and a big valve head by Gordini. We’re pretty sure that this car, thanks to the tuned engine, to its weight and to the exceptional aerodynamic drag coefficient, is very fast. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $47,500) here in Saint-Etienne, France.


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