Emoticon on wheels: 1954 DKW F89 L “Schnellaster”


The DKW F89L had the precursor layout to the contemporary van: front-wheel drive, transverse engine, flat floor, and multi-configurable seating. It also has a face which looks like the “Grimacing Face” emoticon on your Whatsapp app. The funny thing is that the name “Schnellaster” should mean something like “Speedster”.


Differently from its direct competitor, the VW bus, this van had a two.stroke engine of 900cc and three cylinders, producing 32 hp. Not much at all, but we’re talking about an utility little bus made less than 10 years after the end of WWII. This particular F89 is clearly fully restored (sure, there are not many components to fix) apart from the engine which still needs to be redone: we don’t believe ther will be much money to spend on it. We can’t see the seats but we actually believe that they are stored elswere. Actually, compared to its more famous competitor, it’s a bargain. Find it for sale at 12,000 (today $19,000) here in Schilde, Belgium.


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