Passion red bimmer: 1976 BMW 2002


Although the ad title says “Ti” it was clear that as a 1976 car, this one couldn’t be a Ti as they were only “roundie”, in other words with the round taillights (and chrome front grill).


This is on of the last 2002 produced: the engine dosn’t split fire but with two or three modifications it can be exploited well: it is a rock solid unit which doesn’t fear at all a good tuning. Apart from the engine, the car looks good: there are some body modification like the big front spoiler and the euro bumpers which give to the car a strong personality.


The seller says that this paint job is recent and that the car benefitted of the replacement of alternator, regulator, emblems, radiator, water pump, fuel pump, thermostat, wipers and many other things. He still has the original DOT approved bumpers (you can leave them there). This car needs only a fine tuning and that steering wheel to be replaced with a proper one. Find it for sale at $8,000 here in El Cajon, CA.


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