Patina is not dust: 1953 Porsche 356 Coupé


Nowadays we use to see a lot of abandoned cars covered by a one finger-tall layer of dirt and dust, and that is defined as “patina”. This early 356 (chassis #51465) is not dusty but indeed it has the real patina.


The seller says basically that this car is a survivor: he indeed says that this is the best bent window 356 survivor all around, as it belonged to two arizona families only and it was repainted only once in 1973. No mention of the engine so we don’t know if it’s the original unit.


Of course it’s not a perfect car: bubbles are clearly visible along the lower doors and for sure there will be other rust elsewhere, but we like a sincere car like this even with all these imperfections. Interiors should be original: no photos of the seats which could be upholstered with velour. The asking price is not low, but we believe that’s fair: we have seen wrecks for sale at an asking price close to this. Find it for sale at $110,000 here in central AZ.

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