Made in Oakland: 1934 Chevrolet 3 Window


If the ’32 Ford Deuce is the Holy Grail for rodders, the ’34 Chevrolet three windows follows it very close. This particular car looks like a barnd find which have layed somewhere since a long, long time.


This car should have an “o” in the serial number which means that this one of the cars made in oakland, at Fisher Body Plant. It’s not common to find one of these exactly like mum Chevy made it: this car is equipped with an 206 c.i. inline-six which produced 80 hp @3300 r.p.m. in its more powerful version.


The car looks almost complete: interiors are with the car even if disassembled (maybe because they were full of bugs) and look good, but basically the whole interiors look untouched and extremely original. The only bad of this car is the metal above the driver door edge which is bruised (maybe a fallen branch?), but basically we would leave this car as is, only caring about engine, suspensions and brakes. Find it for sale at $18,000 here in Nipomo, CA.


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