Seller submission: One-off 1957 Triumph TR3 “Berlinetta”


The seller of this one-off fiberglass berlinetta based on a 1957 Triumph TR3 chassis is a usual Classic Virus reader and he’s a true classic cars enthusiast. He submitted to us this nice car which body was made probably in the early sixties in the U.S.A., during the “Fiberglass era”. The photo above shows the car as found in the mid ’90’s.


We find that it seems a very nice job, not just a garage attempt to build a berlinetta inspired by the italian cars of that period. As usual, to describe the car properly the owner’s words are the best way: “I decided to purchase a car that I discovered on ebay. It was a Triumph TR3 with a one-off coupe body. Later I removed the engine and the Ford rear-axle and now I try to sell it like it is. A good looking one-off without engine, transmission and bulk-head (fire wall). With the choice for a LHD or RHD bulk-head it is attractive for the mainland as for the uk. The car is converted to a coupe in the sixties and found in the nineties and then restored to what it is now. The air intake has been disappeared during the restoration.”


“I have too many projects and that is the reason this beautiful car is for sale now. US title and EEG papers are with the car.” We found that it’s a very nice and interesting car which will need few work to hit the road again, also because it’s easy and not so expensive to retrieve TR3 spare parts. This little berlinetta is available in The Netherlands for €16,500 (today $23,000). If interested you can contact the seller through the for below.