Ferrari undercover: 1970 Fiat Dino 2400 Coupé


Despite from what is generally known, this car and its engine were not built by Ferrari but by Fiat, toghether with Bertone coachworks.


Even though, to be more precise, the V6 engine was designed by Ferrari which developed a road version of the unit installed on their beautiful Sport Prototype cars. An affordable engine with a superb sound, even better, for us, than the sound produced by the V12 breed. During the last years many people opened their eyes (and their ears) and so the prices of these cars, especially of the 2400 c.c. cars, have substantially risen.


The seller of this car says nothing about it, so what you see should be what you get: it looks like a preserved and not abused car which needs love for sure, but not even so much: if the engine is ok, you just need to check brakes and supensions and then just listen to the V6 music. If the engine shouldn’t be ok, look out for the spare parts because whoever hears “Ferrari” is ready to rise prices. For this car, you need £12,500 (today $21,000) and go here in Poggio Rusco, Italy.


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