That aggressive face: 1964 OSI 1200 Spider


We don’t have a trustworthy source to confirm that, but the seller says that only 280 of these cars were made and, as we suppose that the seller has done his homework, we don’t have any reason to doubt about that. With this car Michelotti gave a further proof of his genius.


This little spider was built, as just said, by OSI using the chassis and engine of the Fiat 1100D which had, differently from its name, a 1200 c.c. engine. Most car nuts have recognized some similarity between the aggressive face of this little spider with the ISO Rivolta GT300: two very different cars indeed, but this little spider stands tall among its contemporary competitors.


This particular car has not its original wheels but a nice set of Campagnolo rims: they fit very well. The seller says also that brakes, radiator and engine have been rebuilt, so this car would not give many headaches to the new owner. For more info about this car,  you can go to, a very useful website. This car can be found for sale at €14,000 (today $19,500) here in Gatteo, Italy.

One thought on “That aggressive face: 1964 OSI 1200 Spider

  1. Mr. Oliver Franz, the owner of the website is a great source for everything related to the OSI (Fiat) 1200. He might have additional information. This particular car has been on the market for a while.


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