Revvy red: 1965 Honda S600 Roadster


Update, March 28: this beautiful Honda is still for sale but the seller has considerably lowered the price. Now it is for sale here at €11,000 (today $15,000).

The S600 roadster was much more common than its coupé sister, however we find that this model is way more fascinating. Indeed the average production of the S600 spider was three times bigger than the closed car, maybe because the biggest market was the U.S.A. which are well known for their love for open cars.


This particular car is said to have been completely restored by the owner who is actually selling it, as he wants to make his Honda collection smaller. He says also that this car has been restored with a huge effort and with a final cost bigger than the selling price: we believe him as it’s quite difficult to find the spare parts for this car.


The 600 c.c. engine is basically closer to a motorcycle unit than to a road car: although not powerful it revs up to 8,500 rpm which is a joy for the ears: apart from that, this car looks good both inside and outside: the undercarriage photo shows how good is the job performed on this car. Find it for sale at €18,000 (today $24,600) here in Montepulciano, Italy.

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