Aggressive kit car: 1961 Kellison J5


The seller seems a bit stingy of words to describe this car, so at least we try to tell a brief history about Kellison kit cars. In 1954 Jim Kellison, a former aerospace engineer from Folsom, California, penned the aggressive line of this car which was designed to be built on a rectangular section steel frame. For  more about Kellison history you can check this useful website here.


In 1962 mr. Kellison sold his factory to Astra automotive division which continued to produce this car for another half decade. Most of these cars were pushed by a Chevrolet engine and indeed also this car has it. Actually the engine is a 348 c.i., tri-power chevrolet engine which should produce almost 300 h.p. and it’s mated to a four speed transmission.


This particular car looks good (also because usually plastic doesn’t rust) and complete with all the parts, at least from outside. No interiors photos are provided but we are quite confident that interiors should be good. The spoke wheels are a perfect touch to this old school design. Find it for sale at $12,500 here in Pensacola, FL.


3 thoughts on “Aggressive kit car: 1961 Kellison J5

  1. Is the “Aggressive kit car: 1961 Kellison J-5” still available? If so is it streetable/legal? I am interested.


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