Not big, not cheap: 1955 Moretti 750 Alger-Le Cap


Not many know that the company founded by Giovanni Moretti was not only oriented in tuning Fiat-derived cars but it was also a proper car builder. Moretti is mostly famous for his DOHC racing barchettas but they also bild small cars like this one. Unfortunately, after the launch of the Fiat 600, Moretti couldn’t compete with the more effective economies of scale of such big company like Fiat, so the production of these cars definitely quitted.


This car is actually a 750 Algier-Le cap, so called to commemorate the raid from Algiers to Cape Town, a 16,000 kms raid across Africa run with a car like this one. The seller says that this car was found in a garage: it was in very good status but it has been restored anyway. Indeed it seems properly restored with an apparent attention to details, and using the correct materials for the interiors.


The clean engine bay accomodates the 750 c.c, SOHC inline-four engine, a little jewel of italian engineering: for sure an uncommon choice for such little economy car. We love both the car itself and its restoration, it is very rare for sure but, boys, that’s such an expensive rarity. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $100,000) here in Firenze, Italy.

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