Last train: 1961 Maserati 3500 GTi by Touring


This 1961 Maserati 3500 GT is obviously in need of a total restoration but what we can spot through the photos is actually a very good starting point. The body, stripped to bare aluminium, looks in good shape with no apparent major crash signs or patches made in the past. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t provide any photo of interiors or front end and, moreover, he doesn’t describe the car at all.


Engine bay looks almost complete: all the main parts are there, including the infamous Lucas fuel injection. We can’t understand what pushed Maserati engineers to choose such complicated and unreliable unit to fed the magnificent inline-six, twin spark engine (we warmly suggest you to go on youtube and hear the sound of this engine), but, as long as it is there, you need to send the fuel injection system to have a proper rebuild.


Undercarriage looks more than honest so, don’t deceive yourself, you’ll spend a lot of money to restore this car but we suppose that you’ll not have bad surprises. Whatching the sale prices that these cars have fetched during the last two years, this could be the last train to catch to have one of these cars. Find it for sale at £55,855 (today $90,000) here in Zandhoven, Belgium.

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