Collector’s heavyweight: 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport by Touring


Update, november 17: The car has been sold with a winning bid of $245,000

November 5

This rare 6C 2500 with a coachwork# 3215 made by Touring has vin# 915442 and engine# 925228. The seller says that this car is in good overall conditions, featuring a red paint (we bet that’s not the original color) made in early ’80s.


Interiors look nice although the instruments are clearly a later – and uncorrect – replacement. The leather is in good shape though, and, that’s very important, the steering wheel should be the original equipment.


The seller says that the car was last driven in the ’80s, the engine turns but the electric wiring needs to be replaced as it also has been partially stripped. Apart from that, the whole car looks very good and every original trim, including the marvelous Dèco rear lights, seems to be at their place. We’re curious to see how high the price will go: not cheap for sure. Find it for sale here in Belford, UK, with bidding at $20,000 and reserve (obviously) not met.

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