Late job: 1971 Fiat 124 S Coupé by Vignale


In 1971, the building year of this car, Vignale coachworks was yet sold to Alejandro De Tomaso and Alfredo Vignale was yet passed away two years before because of a car crash. So, this car is one of the last representative of the glorious firm, which definitely closed its doors in 1973, when it was merged with Ghia.


The basis of the car was of course the Fiat 124 Coupè but the bodywork is much more fluent than the stock car: the coachbuilder era was then ended but this, along with other cars, was one of the last tentative to have a car different from the mass production. It’s pushed by a 1400 c.c., inline-four DOHC engine which produces almost 80 H.P.


Always remember that these are light cars so such power is enough to have fun. This car is said to have been restored in 2008: probably it was a light restoration as we can easily spot some rips on the driver seat. The car is however in nice conditions which are even better after having seen the asking price. Find it for sale at €3,500 (today $4,800) here in Terni, Italy.

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