Race breed: 1966 Abarth 695 SS


You don’t see very often a real 695 SS for sale. And even then, you must be sure, very sure, that it is a real one, as many replicas (better call them fakes) are going around the market. Watching this car, the first thing that jumps to eyes are the wide fenders, which souldn’t belong to this model but to a 695 SS  “Assetto Corsa”. This however doesn’t retract the whole car which is a good example of such race-oriented little cars.


The seller provides also some papers which illustrate the race history of this car which includes also a couple of first places in 700 cc. class. We wonder who built those rims: we have never seen them before.


This particular car has not a “city” setup but a race one. Interiors are empty but the most expensive part, the Jaeger gauges assembly, is in place and it seems the correct one. Obviously, for race purposes it’s better to install an electronic tacho, which is on the right of the driver. Find this four-wheeled race egg for sale at €39,500 (today $54,000) here in Capriolo, Italy.

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2 Responses to Race breed: 1966 Abarth 695 SS

  1. Dean Ryan says:

    Hmmm what makes you think its a real Abarth 695ss. Does it have the Abarth stamped engine block 206xxxx Does it have an Abarth Chassis number that is traceable/original. It may have won a few races but that’s not proof at all, plenty of cars raced around Italy in the late 60’s 70’s and were not original but Kit cars. One could buy the Abarth ‘Kit” on those days The wheels look like a home job. How do you know it’s a full race car except a road track job. How about a photo of the engine!


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Sure, photos don’t proof anything. But I also should consider that this seller has a good reputation in trading such kind of cars. Also, many are not prone in publishing photos of serial numbers of these Abarths as many could use them to build fakes. We can say that there is a “good probability” about the originality: obviously, with such price tag, a deep inspection is needed.


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