Bodywork done: 1965 Maserati Sebring


This beautiful (and underrated) 1965 Maserati Sebring RHD by Vignale has been disassembled for a total restoration which is clearly stalled. The seller says the the bodywork is done: we can believe it but we believe that is the only job done as well.


Five Borrani rims are there and look good, although they show their age. These wheels should have been an optional back then.


The fuel injected engine, along with the gearbox, is present but it’s clear that no overhauling has been performed. This could be the most expensive part of the remaining jobs.


Looking at the seats, we can deduce that the car was in good conditions before being disassembled. This car should be stunning in a blue/grey color combo. The only limit could be the RHD which makes this car desirable only in few countries. Find it here for sale at £25,000 (today $40,000) in Devon county, UK.

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