Metal egg: 1944 Volkhart V2 Sagitta

If you have never seen this car before, know that this is perfectly normal: only two were made in a small German workshop immediately after the end of WWII.

The author of these cars is Kurt Volkhart who in 1941 ordered a new KDF chassis from the factory but given the great demand for cars (and some negligible problems that plagued Germany in those years) the chassis arrived only in 1944. The the abundance of aluminum present in the postwar period allowed Volkhart to complete the car in 1947, calling it “Sagitta”.

Over the years the car went through various vicissitudes and was practically rediscovered only in 1999 in a sorry state, it required a huge bodywork work plus a new engine and transmissions supplied by Volkswagen and for the occasion it was painted green. We did not understand when it received the last paint job in Porsche Silver. Find it for sale at €1,944,000 (today $1,931,000) here in Unterweitersdorf, Austria.


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