Southern coachbuilt: 1965 DKW 1000 by Fissore

Actually we lacked this: we knew that in the 50s and 60s Fissore coachworks had also collaborated with DKW but we did not know this model that we see here for the first time.

The front of this car is not new to us: the same scheme was also used on a special version of the Fiat 1600S OSCA, built in very few examples and, as was often the case at the time, to maximize production efficiency, especially the most little ones recycled many items on different cars. We don’t seem to remember where else the taillights were used, strangely applied to the corners of the car.

the general condition of the car looks excellent: the engine compartment is clean (certainly as the engine has been rebuilt), the interior is intact and looks original, not redone, the body looks clean: the car has certainly been restored and even with some attention to detail. Deserved attention for a very special car that will make the owner stand out wherever he goes. By the way: the car is advertised in Italy but the seller says it is currently in Brazil. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $53,500).


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