Ancient gold: 1954 Fiat 1100 TV Giardinetta by Viotti

We can say that the first to have developed the concept of “sporty station wagon” were the Italians, at least judging by this model.

Obviously “sporty” is a relative term: today this car would be surpassed in terms of performance by the cheapest car on the market, but then this was not a car for everyone indeed, it was definitely for a few; it was in fact built on request by the Viotti coachworks on the Fiat 1100-103 model, both in normal and TV version, well this belongs to the second type.

This is therefore a very rare car in itself, furthermore the car is said to still be original. We are convinced that a large part of this car is actually original: if we look at the interior it looks like the factory one, however the engine compartment is a bit too clean to be unrestored, the same goes for the paint. But these are details nonetheless, the essence is that this is an extraordinary specimen that still has its original black license plate. Find it for sale at €49,500 (today $53,000) here in Grumello, Italy.


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