SE 037-001: 1980 Lancia 037 prototype

If our aim is to report the most particular classic cars, available on the market at a given moment, we certainly could not avoid reporting this prototype.

This is not a prototype of a mass-produced car (which, however, would have some importance), but the prototype of a Rally legend, the Lancia 037, the last rear-wheel drive car to win a World Rally Championship, beating the Audi Quattro on its own ground. Being a prototype it has the typical look of an experimental car: buttons and levers randomly thrown into the passenger compartment, zero comfort, approximate finishes to say the least. However, these things will certainly not interest the next owner.

This very car wore the official Martini livery of the other 037 works with the role of patrol car in the 1982 Acropolis Rally. After its development tasks ended, the 037 prototype was permanently retired and ended up in the private collection of its designer, Sergio Limone, which has brought it back to its original condition, including the 1,995 cc engine fed by a supercharger. It will be auctoned on the next June 15 during the RM Sotheby’s auction in Milano, Italy, with an estimate of €700,000-900,000 (today $833,000-1,071,000).


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