Green underdog: 1979 BMW 323i


The value of classic cars is given, in general, by their desirability therefore, basically, it is based on nothing.


We mean that desirability has objective parameters, but these have an enormously lower weight than the subjective and, in general, emotional parameters: and since we have published a BMW E21 here, we remain on the same brand to give an example: not ten but just five years ago you could get your hands on a beautiful 2002 Turbo for less than $50,000, today you need more than twice as much for the same car. What has changed since then? Nothing, apart from its “desirability”.


What we try to do is spotting good alternatives, dig into the niches of the past to find nice cars that are within “human” reach: one of these is this particular six-cylinder version of the E21, the 323i: the flagship version of the E21 is equipped with a 2.3-liter, six-cylinder electronic injection engine capable of developing 140hp: a respectable power even now, considering that it is a light car. This specimen looks dry, very well preserved and painted in a beautiful green “Turmalingrun”: we think there is nothing else to add. Find it for sale at €16,900 (today $19,000) here in Bolzano, Italy.


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