Banana bumpers: 1947 Volkswagen Typ 1


We are well aware that not everyone is passionate about this car, in fact, many have a true repulsion for it.


Yet, we can certainly say that there is an automotive world before Typ 1 and a world after its introduction, not so much for its lines that have long since become iconic, but also and above all for the construction simplicity which is absolutely not a defect, but a great achievement.


The further you go back in time, the more difficult it is to find specimens: finding one from the WWII period is very difficult but still possible, finding one pre-war is basically impossible. This is a ’47 model, not as rare as the previous ones but certainly very difficult to find, especially if matching numbers like this one. The seller knows these cars well and if he says he has never found a clean one like this, we trust him. Clearly it is a car intended for a collector passionate about these cars (as well as rich) or a museum. We are happy to have seen it. Find it for sale at $135,000 here in Carmel, CA.


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