Smaller is harder: 1948 Siata 500 Sport Barchetta


In fact we believe it is difficult to find a car (not born as a microcar) smaller than this barchetta, strictly red as the regulation of the time established.


The reason for this smallness is simple: this boat was built starting from the chassis and engine of a Fiat 500 B, in particular the latter is equipped with a Siata head and a kit for double carburettor: this was a classic setup for the race car in this class, that is up to 750 cc.


We don’t know who made this bodywork, or whether the car was built by Siata or not; in reality, as you well know by now, the Italy of those years was full of more or less artisan workshops that modified any type of car so as to make them competitive; surely the seller will be able to tell you more than we know. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $85,000) here in Maranello, Italy.


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