Little green roadster: 1949 Siata Amica Trasformabile


This little roadster produced by Siata in the immediate post-war period was made on the chassis of the Fiat 500C but with a hand-beaten skin.


It was in fact a car designed for a more demanding (and economically stronger) clientele that could require various customizations both in the set up and in the color, moreover the engine was slightly tuned thanks to the head produced by the Siata itself.


This car in particular has a very nice color and seems to have been restored quite well: with regard to customization it should be noted the steering wheel with a transparent crown and a bakelite interior. However, we do not believe that the upholstery is correct and, unfortunately, the front and rear bumpers are missing (like many other Amica around). On the oter side, there are the original hubcaps that are really very rare. Find it for sale at €43,500 (today $49,500) here in Pavia, Italy.


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