1/70/325: 1958 Peerless GT


This is another car born during the “fiberglass era” but it is not American but English, and like many cars handcrafted in England it is equipped with Triumph engine and transmission.


This happened because, unlike the clichés, the engine and transmission of the Triumph TR3 is extremely robust and full of torque at low revs (it literally derived from a tractor). The problem of the Triumphs of the time was rather related to the electric part. This, combined with the light weight of the fiberglass bodywork, allowed this car to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just over ten seconds.


The seller claims that this is one of the 70 Peerless GTs built with left-hand drive out of 325 cars built, that the paintwork is definitely perfect, the engine was redone 100 miles ago and that the spoke wheels have been replaced with larger steel wheels. There are few photos of the interior but from what little you see it seems that everything knows consistent with the car. Find it for sale here in the Midwest, USA, with bidding at $12,750 and reserve not met.


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