Do it in style: 1950 Fiat 1400 Hearse


That’s not the very first time we publish an article about a “classic hearse”, but that’s for sure the first time we see one of these cars derived from a Fiat 1400, probably the only one in existence.


Italian classic cars aficionados know well the Fiat 1400 which was produced both with metal and soft top, not to mention all the variations made by Vignale, Pininfarina and their collegues back in the fifties, however there were a couple of shops specialized in building hearses and Accossato was the most famous, unfortunately the seller doesn’t mention who build it.


The car itself looks in perfect conditions: it has been restored for sure but there are not many detailed photos; sure is that these cars were used, in the best case scenario (best case for the driver, of course) for few kilometers a week and generally they ended their duty with less than 50k kms done and they were always stored inside, so the restoration on these cars is generally an easy job. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $35,500) here in Jesi, Italy.


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