Less is more: 1958 Fiat “Nuova 500”


A Fiat 500 could not seem such an extraordinary editorial choice as there are plenty of them for sale around the world. It’s basically a commodity, unless we’re talking about a very early “Nuova 500” like this one.


Indeed this particular car belongs to the first series of cars designed by Dante Giacosa and called “Nuova 500”, also known as “500 N”. Differently from the common thinking, it had not a great success when it came out in 1957 as the Fiat 600 was the queen of the small cars segment: that means that it’s not easy at all to find one of these for sale, and it’s even more difficult to find one still in restorable conditions.


This car looks actually great: an untouched specimen that was parked somewhere for decades and unearthed recently: it has a beautiful color (the same color used in period commercial brochures) and everything in its place, inluding a luggage roof rack (which we would remove). No restoration properly done is cheap but whoever does it on this car will not incur in financial troubles. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $29,500) here in Trieste, Italy.

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