Whiteout: 1968 Alfa Romeo F12


These vans built by Alfa Romeo, called F12, have been ignored for decades even by most among Alfa enthusiasts, today I know people who could kill for one of these.


The good thing of these vans is that, whilst they have been generally overused, rarely they have been abused or modified, indeed when you find one for sale – and I can assure you that’s not a common event at all – they need to be restored but none of these have been modified in the past.


And indeed, also this one, looks as original as it came out of the Arese factory: it seems that it sleeps since many years ago but it was parked in a garage along with, at least, another Alfa on its left side. The headlights have been removed but they have been put on the passenger seats, it is possibe to spot some rust under the driver’s door but that’s absolutely usual. Find it for sale a €7,800 (today $9,600) here in Milano (where else?), Italy.

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