Finned french: 1964 René Bonnet Le Mans



We have published, a couple of years ago, another Le Mans like this one which was in worse conditions than this: it has a beautiful color and a shining paint.


The color is indeed beautiful and the overall conditions look quite good: more than the other one we’ve found, this one has also the original hardtop which we belive to be a very rare feature on these little french roadsters.


The car isn’t basically described by its seller but we can add some info on his behalf: this model has a fiberglass body and a 1108 c.c. Renault engine, with a light tuning made by Gordini and fed by a downdraft Weber 32 MDIX d.t. carburetor. Not very powerful but very stilish indeed. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $33,000) here in Paris, France.


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