Bring an expert: 1948 Cisitalia 202 MM Aerodinamica


The asking price of the 1900C Zagato published yesterday is a very important amount but, you know, sky’s the limit and so today here it is a Cisitalia 202 Aerodinamica.


This car (chassis #202/4) belongs to the same collection of the Alfa Zagato, a collection put together, probably over many years, by an old collector who passed away and now this collection is in the hands of his grandson who’s monetizing this heritage. This is the time of this Cisitalia who’s said to be a kind of “prototype”.


It is indeed said to be the prototype built by Savonuzzi after the 1947 Mille Miglia, adding some improvements in order to participate to the next year edition of the same race but it seems that Savonuzzi left Cisitalia before this car was completed. It was then bought by a Savonuzzi’s friend who raced it during the 60s. The seller says that this car has been estimated at €1,250,000 (today $1,479,000) but that he evaluates “formal” offers too. Check it out here.

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