Cheap and Ugly: 1967 Subaru 360


“Cheap and Ugly” is not our judgment on this car – which we actually find lovely – but that’s how this car was advertised by its U.S. importer Malcom Bricklin (yep, the one of the Bricklin cars fame).


1,000 lb curb weight, monocoque construction, swing axle rear suspension, fiberglass roof panel, two-stroke engine and rear-hinged doors were the main features of this car whic was commssioned in order to be the japanese “Beetle”.


This particular car has been clearly fully restored: we barely knew this car existed so we can’t give anyopinion about te correctness of the restoration but at least it seems that the work made on this car is detailed, at least we hope it is at the asking price is not low. Find it for sale at CHF 29,000 (today $29,500) here in Bretigny-sur-Morrens, Switzerland.

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