Work with style: 1979 Alfa Romeo F12


We’ve seen that many are looking for that “special” Alfa so here it is: It’s an Alfa, it’s rare and you can even use it for your job.


It’s one of the very last generation of the van built by Alfa, the F12 which means that it’s caable to carry a weight up to 1,200 kgs (2,650 pounds). These we built from the 1970 up to 1983, of course the first ones looked better as there were no plastic parts on the nose unlike this one.


The engine of this van is not the glorious Alfa twin cam but a Perkins engine which produces 50 hp which pushes this van up to 115 km/h, quite enough for the a rig of the seventies. Apart from the technical detais, this particular van seems exactly as good as when it came out of the factory in Arese: nothing seems missing and we can’t spot any apparent sign of rust. Find it for sale at €7,000 (today $7,800) here in Montescaglioso, Italy.

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