Unexpected rotary: 1965 Glas 1700 GT


The Glas 1700 GT is a rare car as these were produced for no longer than a couple of years, of course seeing one with a rotary engine instead of its inline-four cylinder engine is even rarer.


So here we have a car which needs, apart from a total restoration, an original unit or, at least, an engine more coherent with the car like a E10 1600 c.c., indeed finding an original Glas 1700 c.c. unit could be a very tough task and you’ll never know if and when you’ll find it.


Anyway, the rest of the car is not that bad: good glasses all around, the instruments cluster and the steering wheel are original and in good shape, there’s not apparent big rust apart from some clear traces under the hood: this car has potential but you need to work to get it out. Find it for sale at $2,500 here in Wenatchee, WA.

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