What’s the Veritas*?


*Veritas (latin) = “Truth”.

Mr. Magnus from Sweden was inspired by this Veritas for sale two years ago, to tell us the story of his father and his Veritas back in the fifties (see photo above). What’s puzzling is that the car had different characteristics from any other Veritas known, like it was a kind of “hybrid” model. Of course we report the word of Magnus himself as we couldn’t explain it better than him:

  • The car was manufactured in 1950.
  • My father owned it a couple of years towards the end of the 1950s, so he was just around 20 years old when he had it.
  • ….
  • The engine was a straight six (it seems as most engines by Veritas were 2.0 litres, but my father recall as much as 2.8 or 3.0, but may be mistaken after all these years). The registration papers said 60 hp, which was definitely incorrect – but good for the insurance. My father estimated it to be at least 120 hp. Volvo P1800 stood no chance, but he could not fully keep up with the Mercedes 300SL (but that one was over 200hp). The top speed was about 200 km/h (about 125 mph).
  • The gearbox was 4-speed with the first gear synchronised (which was unusual in those days).
  • ….
  • The car model is a riddle because it looks mostly like the Scorpion, but there were no official Coupé versions of the Scorpion, and I have not seen any Veritas that looks the same as my father’s car did. I was hoping that someone could bring some clarity to the model of my father’s car, and if there are any more of them out there. The production of Veritas was very individual, depending of what material was available, and how much they could spend, so I am not surprised that there were several completely unique cars.



  • The photo is from outside “The Swedish Brakeband Factory” – manufacturing brake shoes and later brake pads for cars, where my father worked at the time.


There are a few things that nags on my mind about this car:
  • The refuelling cap sits further back than any other model – except the Comet. I do not know if that is a hint, or just a coincidence.
  • My father recalls that his car had a fully welded steel body on a tubular frame, but from what I have read, all Veritas were made from aluminium.
  • As the cover over the rear wheel is removed in the photo, it is not clear if the cover is fully covering the wheel – as on the Scorpion, or partly covering the wheel – as on the Meteor.

The last my father heard about the car, now many years ago, the new owner had cut away the roof and stopped the work in a failed attempt to make it look like a racing version.

So, was that a unique car? Which model?
Where is the car now?
We know it is not easy but, if anyone could have an hint about where the car is now, it would be great both for Magnus and his father.

8 thoughts on “What’s the Veritas*?

  1. Hi andries jans. Classic Virus can give you my email address. I am very keen on confirming that this is the car my father had that is now in your possession. Of course I can in such case give you a lot of background information about the car from its early ownership. Please also send me photos and how you acquired the car, etc.


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